Saturday 16th of December 2017

Voice Calls 


All AWN internet users get free bundles of Voice Calls each month.

250 Minutes worth of Calls each month to USA/Canada, once you are an active subscriber to our internet service.

There is $5,000 setup fee only.

Mobile Calls: using your Android or iPhone/iPad Device you can make calls from our internet or DSL using apps.

DSL or other Internet Users:

We provide voice services at packages that will suit your needs.

Residential and Cafe

Per a minute service to unlimited yearly service similar to Magic Jack.


We can consult or roll-out a Customize IP PBX Phone system.
Great for multiple locations or working from home/travelling but can access office Phone Network remotely.
Also cut Phone bills by Integrating your Phone Network with VoIP and GSM, making use of free/cheap promotions offerings on GSM.


Satellite Phone System

Take a Satellite System from us and we will give you 650 free minutes monthly + free phone equipment.

Our calls uses less than half the amount of bandwidth than what other services use,
this means our calls will be better quality even in poor signal areas.



Call us for more details.  227-2001



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